Love, Coffee

I sit alone here at a coffee shop, just another cup, but I think I’ll stay this time, maybe two if you don’t mind, as your hands move quietly from the sink to the filter and start again. You say nothing as I sit at the window, with the light streaming in, a head filled … More Love, Coffee

For you…Rohingya

This is no ordinary blog post. There is not a single shot of coffee in this post. This is no highlight reel. There is no aspiration here. There’s nothing perfect here. Just these words. That mean nothing more than what I’m saying. But maybe this would surprise you, because this is not a post about … More For you…Rohingya

The beast

I knew a man who’s seen the world fall down in heaps on his back, and his lion heart roared a mournful cry. And the onlookers protested at your mere existence. But you staggered on through the land and kept your head bowed to the earth. You’d never let them see your fears. And with … More The beast

Stop the Clocks

The pendulum swings, I’m out on a brink, the fat lady sings, the midnight flight, the empty cup, wait. Where am I? What plane is this, place is this, train is this, face is this? I can’t see, the finish line, the highway sign, the ticket line Take me back, take me back to that … More Stop the Clocks


I miss the days we sat and sipped coffee – in the summer rain. The days when your t-shirt clung to your back on a damp spot, the bitter taste of consequence, the aftermath of bliss. I miss The wooden floor where we ran through dancing around the house, with the large open windows where … More Untitled