About Social Anxiety

It’s easier to write a post about fashion or skincare, because there’s a lightness to it, a freedom almost. Whereas talking about something so personal, something I find hard to speak about even with friends, something I feel I don’t understand myself, gives me great pause. It makes me want to erase the title, and … More About Social Anxiety

Thoughts on Home

I want to go home, are the words I’d like to utter as I sit beside myself with no-one to voice them to. But what would it matter if there were? And where is home exactly? The idea of travelling and living abroad is an exciting one, one I would rarely opt out for anything … More Thoughts on Home

Monday Blues

I’m hoping the Monday Blues would end soon but these cold winter days and serious lack of sunshine to brighten your mood can make you feel down and keep you from being productive. Sadly, I have no tips or advice to share because I too feel like a sloth lazying about, dragging my body to … More Monday Blues

Lazy Sunday Morning

I think by now we all have a Sunday morning routine. My Sundays back in Cape Town were all about brunching at good coffee shops with the girls and basically just enjoying the company of friends. Moving to Korea has obviously changed this as the idea of avo toast with a flat white is surprisingly … More Lazy Sunday Morning


Let’s pretend today was a good day, pretend I had fun today, pretend I wasn’t stuck up to my neck in pain today, that I wasn’t crippled by the ripple effect of panic striking my back today. Let’s pretend I smiled today, pretend I laughed some form of clothing off today, pretend I wasn’t hiding … More Today,

Lunch Anyone?

Sink your teeth into delicious meals at Deerpark Cafe in Cape Town! If you haven’t been there yet my dear Capetonians then this is definitely a place to try out. I know I’m a bit late on the bandwagon here but every time someone says the term Deer Park my mind automatically envisions some sort of … More Lunch Anyone?