Thoughts on Home

I want to go home, are the words I’d like to utter as I sit beside myself with no-one to voice them to. But what would it matter if there were? And where is home exactly? The idea of travelling and living abroad is an exciting one, one I would rarely opt out for anything … More Thoughts on Home

Seeking Adventure 2018

Happy 2018 everybody! Can I still say that seeing that it’s basically February already? January has been as relaxing as it’s been stressful, with ongoing work schedules throughout the new year period and a well deserved break thereafter I finally feel refreshed and ready for the new year (even though one month has already passed … More Seeking Adventure 2018

Sweet November

This is picture perfect. This is happiness of a day that was. Perfect. There are many things I would remember of that day, but at the very heart of it, is you, driving me to the end of the world, just to see how beautiful it is. – Faatiema Salie There are many things I … More Sweet November

Paper Hearts

When does the heart break If not by the loss of a child, from man’s own hands. The ones walking with plastic bags and dirt faces towards another boarder line, with their swollen feet and their open wounds, lost somewhere between fire and water, between burning villages and drowning seas, lost somewhere in the in … More Paper Hearts

I saw the pain

I saw the pain, the cut on your leg, the scar on your arm, the blood soaked washcloth, the water at your eyes. I saw you in pain, the grinding of your teeth, the humming of your lips as your hand held pressure on your wound. I saw you in pain but I also saw through it. There … More I saw the pain