Get Brighter Skin!

Brightening your skin is surprisingly easy, and in the land of K-Beauty, it is life! I was always keen to try potent exfoliants to get glowing skin – acid toners in particular, but to my dismay, it wasn’t worth the sensitivity. And that is for me personally. I know people who swear by acid toners, … More Get Brighter Skin!

Simple Summer Skin

Okay. It’s hot. Real hot. And I’m not going to start complaining about a harsh monsoon season because let’s face it, things can be much worse. Instead, I’ll just run through the few products I’ve been using to protect my skin and keep it looking hydrated this summer. Eye cream Yip! For someone in their late … More Simple Summer Skin

Travel Essentials

Let me just start by saying this – I’m an over packer! There’s nothing that irritates me more than being unprepared. I absolutely dread that feeling you get when you decide not to take something because you thought you wouldn’t need it and then it turned out that you did need it. Hoarder Alert! You … More Travel Essentials