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There comes a time in a girl’s life when her beloved skincare products run out. If you’ve got good karma like I do, they’ll all run out at the same time. And if you don’t have the moola to repurchase all of them, or any of them, then here are some budget friendly tips to help your skin survive this first world poverty.

Tip #1 – Use a face cloth!
There’s nothing like a warm flannel to cleanse your skin. I find a warm flannel in the morning so soothing that it has become my favourite step in my regimen. I also use one to wipe away my oily makeup remover. I find this method more effective at cleansing the skin than just washing my remover away with water. A flannel also acts as an effective exfoliant as it rids the skin of any dry, flaky bits. Essentially, you’re killing two birds with one stone. #winning

Tip #2 – Toner?
Who needs it! Your skin will survive just fine without it. Just drink an extra glass of water a day to make up for it. Jokes! But why not? Or sink a cotton pad in some loose leaf green tea and take that across the face. I don’t know exactly how this helps the skin but I tell myself that I’m getting rid of toxins to put my mind at ease. You know it’s all in your head.


Tip #3 – Use one moisturiser!
Forget about day and night creams. One moisturiser is enough. This is usually the time when I revert back to Nivea products. It’s affordable skincare that can offer you temporary relief until pay day. Just hang in there! A moisturiser is probably the only product I would repurchase on a budget. My current moisturiser has an SPF 15 and I use it at night too. Times are tough people! Keep Calm and Save.

Tip #4 – Spot Treatment
When I run out of products, chances are I’m breaking out. Because spot treatments tend to be out of budget, I pull out my tea tree oil to combat those angry beasts. I bought my tea tree oil at Clicks but you could also get a bottle at The Body Shop. I’m not a fan of using skincare products containing tea tree oil as I find it too astringent for my sensitive skin. But it’s perfect for spot treatment. I just take a little bit on a cotton bud and menacingly start torturing my spots for days. This is not an overnight treatment. This treatment could take a week; a few days to bring the spot to a head and another couple days to diminish redness. Be careful not to use too much if you’re sensitive as it might result in scarring. Patience is key.


Tip #5 – Drink more water!
Seriously! Just drink more water. If you’re dependent on your skincare products to hydrate your skin, this would do you right. We all know the benefits of drinking copious amounts of water. You are what you eat right? So purifying your system would purify your skin. Add some mint and lemon to amp up your intake if you’re not an avid lover of aqua. Detoxing the skin, check! Hydrating the skin, check! What more could a girl want! Products. Yes, I know. #onabudget

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