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Feel Good Body Care Routine

I’ll admit that the main reason I purchased a dry brush was to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Okay, I lie. I bought it in the hope that it would completely annihilate any trace of cellulite that ever existed on my body and the need to have toned legs for the summer (and also you know, the rest of the time). But I was gleefully surprised by the outcome of my dry brushing experience and here’s why.

It makes you feel darn good! Yip, something about eliminating toxins and all that blood flow that is actually therapeutic. And having this as part of your morning routine could really elevate your mood, just that quiet time to release the body from dead skin and waking it up at the same time feels so calming. Not to mention that I start my day with beetroot juice with a touch of maca powder to also help me increase energy levels and boosts my overall mood. A holistic approach to health and wellbeing is always best. This is exactly why I’m writing this post. We can all cheat looking good, but feeling good is something we need to work for. So eating a balanced diet, working out and taking care of our mind is a huge part of Beauty. I fell into a consumerist trap of buying a product to help make me look good but what I found was a reminder to me that looking good doesn’t equate to feeling good and that beauty comes from within. 

So post dry brushing experience I really wanted to use a body oil to get glowing skin so I mixed the Nuxe dry oil with my current favourite body moisturiser form Avene called Trixera something and honestly these two are a match made in body heaven. The avene lotion is really hydrating, and because the oil is not, it gives the the lotion a bit of oomph when it comes to the glowy skin factor. Also, the lotion subdues the ultra fragrant nuxe oil so at the end of the day you almost get perfect skin – it’s well nourished but it’s not thick or sticky, your skin is glowing but it looks natural and not overdone, you smell good but it’s not heavy that it will annoy everyone around you so the combination of these two French pharmacy products actually give you a very french mystique in the end. An effortless looking woman confident in her own skin. And isn’t that what we desire, the confidence to be ourselves, and to feel bloody great about it.

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