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Post Sun Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is so important post sun exposure. I mean, we’ve all felt it right, that burning sensation on your cheeks right after you’ve been in the sun? Sometimes, it’s not even all day. I could spend about 20 minutes in the sun with an spf50 and still feel sun-sore. Just because you’re not sun burnt doesn’t mean that your skin hasn’t been through the wringer. That’s why I always do a hydrating mask once I’ve come in from a very hot day running about.

Sheet masks are my favourite. They just provide that cooling sensation and having that pressed onto your face for 20 minutes is just what my skin needs. It’s like suffocating your skin with serum, and I see no wrong in that statement. Personally, I prefer ultra hydrating masks for my own skin, but seeing as we’re trying to soothe the skin from sun damage, even if you have oily skin, a hydrating mask would be a better choice. So nothing that is stripping or ‘clearing’, just a basic sheet mask would do. Some of my favourite ingredients for sheet masks are ceramides and honey. Nothing expensive like pearl extracts and fermented extracts are necessary, you can go as cheap as cucumber for this routine because all you’re trying to achieve is calm the skin and its redness. 

After you’ve masked your face in your favourite product, proceed with your skincare routine as usual, hydrate your body with copious cups of water and you’ll be ready for the summer season. Having a go-to routine for any form of sun exposure is key to prevent further damage, which could result in pre-mature ageing. Make sure you are thoroughly drenched in sunscreen at the beach or going on hikes and even if you’re in the city or an office building all day, your spf still matters because hellllloo…windows! Okay it’s getting too much now. Basically make sure to prep your skin before sun exposure and to take care of it post sun exposure to help it through its recovery process. Capiche? 

Alright guys, catch you in the next post! X

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