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About Working in a Grey Area

What’s in a name?

You can reread the Shakespearean passage as I sit pondering the same thing, a little less elegant, a little less dramatic, red bulls and endless amounts of chocolate, sugar highs and music in the background. But what’s in a name? In a label? In a job that has a title? A finite object it seems. Are we seeking work or are we seeking a title? And where do you fall on the scale of jobs we don’t need to explain and the ones we do?

I’ve had a ‘title job’ for the past 8 years I’d say. And it’s all very impressive and well encouraged. People are almost grateful that I have said job, as they see your place in society and how you add value within that society. It’s something they understand, something they can makes sense of, something that fits. It’s self explanatory, like black and white. You see it, you know one from the other, done. We like what we know. And having a ‘job’ and having a title in other words, and being that person who has a role in society, in the world, you’d think this part of your life would make sense to you, to me. But more recently, I felt more confused, more out of place, more lost in society. I felt without a purpose in a job that serves a great purpose. Suddenly, the building blocks of a lifetime feels uncomfortably unsteady. Things are shaking up and now’s the time to leave this comfort zone, the safe zone.

Welcome to the Grey Area. A place by design, undefined and freeing. Free from names, free from people, free from structures, free from signs choosing for you the way in which you need to go. Here you are free, free to map out your own way, free to walk, free to run, free in your own thoughts, free to choose those thoughts and free to become them. This is your mind, without the otherness, the other voices and their expectations. It is open and present. Focused on what you choose to believe is true for you, to create, to explore. And in it you’ll find nothing else but who you are – a soul in a moving body, in all of that which is limitless.

And what reflects in the construct of a reality we live collectively, is that you are the intangible, the unexplained, the one without a name. So what’s in a name? Because a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. So forgive yourself and begin your work on self love, on self discipline, on self care. Let your energy you give into your work be the driving force behind the choices you make, behind that which you give back, behind all that you create, behind who you are. Be the energy that moves swiftly, that moves freely, fulfilled and in abundance.

You can only give back in service that which you love. So find the energy in all that you create, in all that you imagine, in all that you allow to be true for you and throw it back to the universe. Work, and work hard every day, even when you’re not earning. Work for free, work for experience, work for you. Continue to develop your own skills. Allow yourself time to learn, to get better. Allow yourself time to fail. Continue to create your reality, to move through the grey area. You are not in lack of a title, you are in a limitless state to choose that which fulfils you.

Photography by Jeff Simone

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