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Post 12 hour work shift Skincare Routine

Working 12 hours shifts really takes a toll on your overall well being, and that tiredness tends to show itself on your skin. I found that my skin started to feel incredibly dry and tight post shift, with uneven texture and a patchy feel to it. I could feel the bumps begin to form under my skin. Even my lips began to crack and bleed out. After pulling off these long nights I find it necessary to give my skin a boost, a quick-fix pamper routine when I don’t actually have the time to do a full one. So here are my go to products to perk up my skin and make me look human again.

It starts with my Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm which is a really nourishing balm that melts away makeup and leaves my skin well balanced post cleanse. I just do one cleanse and I find that enough for my skin. Whilst I’m in the shower (because I just worked 12 hours and be smelling pretty gross) I use the Skinfood Black Sugar wash off mask to tackle the dryness I’ve been experiencing, particularly around my lips and on my cheeks. This exfoliating mask is brilliant for softening the skin and I find it most effective when using it as per direction. If you don’t have the 10 minutes because you’re an adult and what adult has the time to stand under the shower for a mask, or you’re South African and you have water restrictions because of the drought (insert sad emoji) then using it as a quick scrub is good enough. Caution, this mask is quite abrasive so be gentle when rubbing your face. But let’s move on to the fun stuff and take this out of the shower.

#1 – A snail serum

If you didn’t think I was weird before , I’m sure you do now. But snail serums are so good for healing the skin, any breakouts or under the skin troubles get calmed down and soothed, not to mention it’s incredibly hydrating. I use the COSRX Snail Mucin and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re not into snails (lols) then any other hydrating serum would do.

#2 – A Sheet Mask

Because I lived in Korea for that long I now believe in sheet masks. Surprisingly, I’m actually going to advertise a Japanese one . But the LuLuLun  sheet masks are what I use for a 10 minute quick fix to help make my skin look plump and healthy. I know you’re probably thinking, Gosh didn’t we just waste 10mins of water with the exfoliating mask and now another 10mins of our time for this, but both of these masks can be left on for 5mins each to see the effects, though the more time you have the better.

#3 – A moisturiser & Eye Cream

Kind of an obvious one but topping off all that serum with a good moisturiser and eye cream will just seal all that hydrating products into place. If you’re in your early 20s and you feel an eye cream is unnecessary then skip that step. But for those of us who are past the debate of should I use one or not, then an eye cream could very well be your best mate. Two Kiehl’s products I absolutely adore and have been using without fail for years is the Ultra Facial Cream and the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. These bad boys pack one hell of a hydrating punch into your skin and I basically cannot leave the house now without using them. They have become my holy grail, dare I say.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day ❤ You can find me on Instagram here!

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