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Surround yourself with people who drive your success

Success means something different to everyone. But everyone around you should be striving for their own version of it.

It’s so important to be surrounded by those who encourage you, who push you, and who reflect that you’re on your own path or that you need to be doing more in order to get where you need to be. I find the most amazing thing about meeting new people is that you’re often shown a mirror of yourself. Sometimes you see a version of yourself that you once were, maybe you didn’t even like that person but now you’re someone else, and you see how much you’ve grown. But the most rewarding, and the driving factor for me to achieve my own success, is meeting people who show me where I’d like to be, in terms of business, finance, work ethic and balance. It is a reminder that so many people are doing so much more than I am, and that all of them are willing to elevate me and my own drive, to inspire me, to prove to me that I can do what I want to do and I can be the woman I’ve set out to be.

It seems harsh to say that you should cut out negative energy and those who bring that energy into your periphery, who put out their discouraging remarks and make you feel as though you’re dreaming too big. Maybe they aren’t even verbalising their opinions but you feel careful about speaking your truth and telling your plans, maybe they are the ones you feel would never understand. But when you take back your time from these individuals, you have more time to give for those who inspire you and those who push you. Not everybody has the same vision of success, and that’s okay, but you should always surround yourself by those who are driven by it. Surround yourself by people who energize your thoughts, who bring momentum to your plans, who inspire you to create, to do, to act. Oprah once said, “Surround yourself with people who are going to fill your cup until your cup run’th over”. And I have no better words than that.

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