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How I Style Outfits for Instagram

#1 – Be over the top!

Being creative with your outfits on a day to day basis can be hard! I usually just stick to some kind of uniform look and be out the door, which lately, has been mom jeans and whatever t-shirt is clean that day. But these looks aren’t necessarily Instagram worthy. But there are ways to get creative with your OOTDs without spending a dime.

I know that might sound like something out of your comfort zone but taking this initiative to truly flex your Instagram looks can help create an array of images with the same pieces, just styled in different ways. I particularly like this idea because it means I get to play dress up by pairing pieces I wouldn’t actually wear in RL and having fun with it.

Case Study #1

I mean, you can say I look like a pilot, a driver, a prop, but Instagram users would hardly notice that these are basic pieces which they have seen countless times. The trick – it’s still something new and something fresh. It’s still new content being put out, you just didn’t have to buy a whole new outfit.

#2 Extend accent pieces to create new looks

I find that choosing the correct accent pieces to accentuate a look really adds a touch of interest to an outfit. And if you choose the right one, you can elevate your look or even change the feel of it completely. Scarves are common accent pieces, jewellery too, but my personal favourite is this belt I got off a dress. I first started wearing it as a choker but now I’m finding various ways to style it, which helps a lot in creating new looks.

Case Study #2

Here are basically 3 ways of styling this one simple belt or shall I say, random piece of material, and all the looks are quite different form each other. In the first look I thought I’d wear it in its usual form to give structure to my favourite slip. It doesn’t hold up well, but that’s mainly due to the slip itself. If I were to wear this outfit in RL, I’d have to adjust the belt throughout the day. But I find the belt works best as a choker and a tie because it’s more effective in altering or completing a look and transforming and everyday outfit into an Instagram look.

Follow me on Instagram// Photos by Deniz Yildiz and Lindsey Fourie

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