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A Basic Transitional Look

Living between countries and living between seasons, basically feels like I’m always wearing transitional pieces.  And with our climate changing and the mere confusion this brings, dressing to a particular season hardly makes sense anymore. For the past 2 months I’ve been wearing the exact same pieces because I haven’t been in a clear season for a while, but who has? Here’s a basic transitional look that can easily be altered to fit the weather.


Come rain or shine, trousers and jeans are my staple in transitional outfits. They are easier to wear than dresses and skirts, no fuss about Cape Town’s wind or your legs that you haven’t shaved because it’s supposed to be cold outside but it’s not? So basically, I’m wearing pants. These Zara trousers are pretty much a fall/winter piece but with our ever changing climate and my northern-to-southern hemisphere trips, they never leave my closet (or suitcase). And yes, I pair them with absolutely everything. They are basically my version of black skinny jeans, except they are super comfortable to wear.


Ah what would a blog post be without a blazer? Just keeping true to myself by posting the same pieces because shock horror, this is what I actually wear in real life. I particularly like this blazer because it is a transitional piece. It’s lighter than my others so it’s practical for travelling, windy weather and that light jacket you want to take out at night. I mean I can only imagine, it’s not like I’m running around the town I’m no longer in my early 20s.



Because I’ve got blazers and trousers as my core pieces (wow, I sound old), everything in between is weather dependent. My black Nirvana tee is still going strong as my most worn t-shirt in the span of 2 months. Sweaters come out on crisp mornings but it’s this white shirt that makes me feel a lot more than a Kurt Cobain fan. I’ve had it for a year and a half maybe, and it is just one of those pieces that you need in any type of wardrobe. It’s classy, it’s classic and it makes me feel far better than what it looks in these images (Darn this wind!)


Shoes are easy, thank whoever for the invention of loafers as it fits any occasion and is basically perfect for the in between seasons. Anything colder and I’m wearing a good pair of boots and be out the door. But as you can see from these images, Cape Town’s wind will blow you back indoors, or straight out of the city!




Outfit Details: Trousers – Zara, Loafers – & other Stories, Shirt -Roem, Blazer – Blue

Photography by Lindsey Fourie

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