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Look Good Feel Good

There are 2 things that always make me feel good about an outfit: Good shoes and a great blazer. Anyone who feels good, looks good. But not everyone who looks good, feels the same. Here are some key pieces and wardrobe staples to help make me feel good when my clothes are in the laundry and I need a good outfit stat!


My first choice – bottoms! Once I know the base everything literally syncs to it. Basic black trousers and a tee can shower you with options to dress for any occasion. But if we are talking look good/feel good then I suggest you dress to your comfort level. No one’s going to feel good when something is too tight or too painful. Find your boundary and accentuate from them. I love a good boot and seeing as they have a heel, I’m getting used to running around in them, because, a) they look good so I need to get comfortable walking in them, and b) they elevate a look seamlessly so there’s less trying on my part.

_DSC1545 _DSC1556

The second thing that never fails me is a long line blazer. They cover just about everything: the coffee stain on your t-shirt, the fact that you never tried to look sophisticated but did and that terrible choice of underwear that is too late to change (or when you’re too lazy to change it). But it’s a confidence booster for me, much like a heel is to some of you, or a red lip. It gives more – especially with some shoulder pads and I’m feeling proper Parisian by the time I’m smoking my cigarette at the coffee house. So here’s to dirty laundry and lazy days. When you look good, you feel bloody great!

_DSC1629 _DSC1555 _DSC1453

Photography by Lindsey Fourie / Follow me on Instagram for more style photos.

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