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Casually Skinny

The need to define my own sense of style seems to be an unending state of confusion all throughout my blogging years. But I never realised how much a pair of jeans could change my entire look completely.


Introducing Massimo Dutti’s blue washed skinny jeans which has instantly become my new everyday pants. I must admit, wearing skinny jeans after a year on vintage straights was not an easy adjustment. The first being, these jeans are stretch denim, something I purposefully stay away from as they tend to lose their shape rather quickly. They do not remain at your waist and material seems to crease more than I like as they begin to stretch out. The second thing I noticed, is that I almost naturally started dressing casually again. As if my younger self came out from 2010 and sported band tees and hoodies all to compliment an old idea of a past style. I’m still contemplating on how I feel about this.


I think the main adjustment and probably the biggest gripe I have with wearing skinnies again is that I have lost that classic look, which came so effortlessly from wearing 100% cotton, high-waisted, vintage styled jeans to wearing something a tad bit sloppy in comparison. Obviously, this could be altered by pairing more structured and formal pieces (which I’ll be working on) but the natural transition has just been so comfortably casual that I’ve just melted into this style as though that’s what it’s always been. And for a large chunk of my life, it actually was.

DSC01460 DSC01429

Photography by Zainab Salie and Gesant Abed

Jeans – Massimo Dutti, Boots – CAT Footwear, Leather Jacket – H&M, Sweater – Adidas

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