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Explore Seoul’s Neighbourhoods – Itaewon

Ah what would my Korean experience be without Itaewon. A splendid mix of  international food, a plethora of coffee shops and cafes and Seoul’s most notible multicultural hub all jam packed into alley ways that overwhelm you and mesmorise you at the same time. Every foreigner who’s been to Korea has been to Itaewon, and rightly so. It’s Seoul’s most foreigner friendly neighbourhood basically in the centre of Seoul. Famous for it’s nightlife atmosphere and global food selection, the streets of Itaewon is sure to be visited.


The neighbourhood also hosts a variety of cafes and coffee shops for all the daytime-rs who prefer the more quiet end of things. Some of my favourite coffee shops are in this area, including 5 extracts and Champ Coffee. And if that’s not enough to get you there, foodies wake up, because you’ll find the best falafels in the whole of Korea at Petra’s restaurant near Noksapyeong station. I mean, if you’re travelling for food, you need to check out Itaewon’s famous restaurants. It is definitely a weekly venture for me.

DSC09466 DSC02236

Itaewon is surprisingly still one of the places to hang out at weekends. When I lived in Korea 5 years ago, it was extremely popular, being the only area in Seoul saturated with more foreigners than locals. Today, I’m not so sure about this, seeing as so many Koreans enjoy the thrill of Itaewon’s nightlife, it seems like everybody is just there. And I’m surprised that its still kept its ‘charm’. Seoul’s neighbourhoods has gone under a spree of gentrification with never ending construction, places get built up basically overnight.

But Itaewon still feels pretty much run down in comparison, just like it used to be. It seems like the only thing that is noticeably different is all of the new cafes popping up. I swear every time I go to Itaewon there’s a new cafe to check out. It’s still just as popular as ever!


More blog posts on Seoul are coming! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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