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Surviving Seoul’s Heatwave

Probably the most unbearable days yet, the city of Seoul is soaring at 36 Degrees Celsius, which if you’re not sure what that feels like – it feels like death. But seeing as I am pushing through, I thought I’d share some of the things I’m doing to keep myself sane, and you know, just alive.


No #1 – Live under an air-con. Always. And if you don’t have one, go to a cafe and do not leave that space.

No#2 – If you need to leave the house to I don’t know, work, then get a mini fan and carry it around in your hand to always keep cool. Nobody cares how this looks. Everybody’s dying from the heat. No-one’s looking at you.

No#3 – Get an umbrella! I’m shouting this at myself every time I leave my apartment because there are times of the day when there’s literally zero shade. And when all that heat and humidity is pounding down on your head, you’ll regret not having one.

No#3 – Face masks will help soothe your skin once you return home and your skin feels hot and sore from chasing buses and standing at pedestrian crossings waiting for the bloody green man to let you walk.

No#4 – Hydrate, with anything, seriously, anything! If it’s in liquid form, drink it.

No#5 – Lounge around your room in your underwear with your air-con blasting and your music playing because staying in is what will keep you happy. Hey, get a pizza and make a party out of it because nobody should be outside unless they absolutely have to be.




And that’s it! To all of you experiencing a summer like this, good luck! ❤

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