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Sweet November

This is picture perfect. This is happiness of a day that was. Perfect. There are many things I would remember of that day, but at the very heart of it, is you, driving me to the end of the world, just to see how beautiful it is.

– Faatiema Salie

There are many things I thought I would miss about that place, but none of them is what keeps me awake. I thought I’d miss the rain, as it sprinkled down lightly on my face as I walked home, feeling the relief that it gave. I thought I’d miss the bench where we sat and had our coffee for the day. And the garden, where we ran through at night hiding away like little children at play, seeking shadow from the trees, there at the mighty house, the one they took away. But maybe the only thing I miss is the road. The one we travelled through to find our own souls, where we stopped to chase a sea breeze, but instead found ourselves a memory. The road where we got lost in between the beauty of it all and found ourselves in the sounds of laughter. This silence is burdensome now.  But at least I have someone to hold on to. Because the only thing that gives me pause in a race away from the place we grew up, is the thought of you and just how lonely I feel living without you. And I know I’ve chosen my own path, one much further away, but I’ll never forget how I got here, and the part you played, all of which made me stronger today. And there’s something funny about being away, is seeing that little bit of me in a little person, when in every moment I think of her I see a part of us. And I don’t know how I’ll find the words for her one day, that moving here was for her in some way, that she’ll know she’s strong enough to do the same because it’s by blood that she’s come out that way. And I love every part of her because she is every part of you. What a blessing a child can be, that she fills a space with such heart she can only bring ease. Now, I’ll stop counting the years but count the memories instead. And in its abundance, I hope it fills you with something more than you had hoped for on this day.

All my love X

DSC09524This post is for my sister on her birthday

Photography by Jeff Simone




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