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About a month ago I spent a day in Hong Kong. I had taken a ferry over Victoria Harbour and what a feeling! The breeze over your skin splashing you with droplets of water, a fresh feeling from the sweat of humidity that drips. An incredibly short ride but a moment I can’t forget. Because every now and then I get these flashbacks – memories of a place I once loved. A story I keep beneath my pillow, where my heart dwells late at night. The stories of the people I got to know there, there on a ferry I found something about you, about me, that makes me smile with a sense of panic, sheer anxiousness follows me briefly, because I am not there, on that boat with you, that I am no longer with myself. And every part of myself longs to go back there that even in the sadness I found gratitude. That feeling – that you are not an inch short from where you’re meant to be.

And wherever I may be, in whichever city and over many seas, I always think of that sea breeze, of when my heart was floating across the Marmara sea.


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