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The beast

I knew a man who’s seen the world fall down in heaps on his back, and his lion heart roared a mournful cry. And the onlookers protested at your mere existence. But you staggered on through the land and kept your head bowed to the earth. You’d never let them see your fears. And with your ferocious heart you’ve worked your way through these woods and stumbled across a path. It’s as if I stood there waiting for you. And I said, this urban jungle is no place for your gentleness I think.

But I see it’s your heavy shoulders holding your head up high.

And when daylight came, they all stopped and stared. And they said, look at that old creature – look how your hair curls around your sharp face. He’s half man, half beast. Look at those sunken eyes, who’s seen man walk away from you, without turning its back. Your stride be too strong for eating out that poor girl’s heart. But just look, look at his golden skin that glistens in the reflection of light. Look at how he hears us and pays no heed to us, but just walks onwards.

And I said, yes! Look!

And they are the ones who see these things but deny its beauty.

IMG_20161213_082326 IMG_20161212_155641

Location: Fritz Coffee Company, Seoul

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