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Effortless Summer Days

For days when you cannot fathom putting any form of material on your body, getting dressed can become quite miserable. The palpable heat of a tropical summer’s day can keep you indoors sweating in front of a fan as it starts to give off a warm breeze. The humidity has set in before you even left your apartment. Summer in the city is harsh but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a day out.

It’s Sunday, and that being said, minimum effort is required before leaving the house. So here’s what I threw on to keep me feeling extra breezy, zero effort required!

Screenshot_2017-07-30-11-04-26 Screenshot_2017-07-30-11-06-01

A simple white t-shirt keeps you comfortable in soaring temperatures and they don’t require much thought. I’ve a tied a little knot on the side to lose the boxy effect as this jersy skirt doesn’t allow much to be tucked in without peeping through.

Screenshot_2017-07-30-11-07-34 Screenshot_2017-07-30-11-07-56

Opt for a loose skirt instead of a pair of denim jeans as they litirelly float around you as you move. The less the material touches your skin, the better. This black high waisted skirt has a slimming effect and I love its soft effortless fabric that feels weightless as I’m wearing it. It also means that I can wear black in summer and I am all about that!

20170730_104830 IMG_20170730_111319_825

Trying to look put together without much make-up? A bold lip and black sunnies seem to work just fine. Not your typical summer makeup but honestly, who cares? My love for a dark lip goes beyond any season. I’ve gone for my trusty Mac lip liner in nightmoth basically just scribbled on my lips with a bit of the liptensity in the shade dinonysus, to add a bit of moisture. And voilá! I’m off to find a new coffee spot in Seoul.


Outfit Details:

Skirt – Wonderplace (Myeongdong)

T-shirt – I’m Vely (Lotte Young Plaza)

Sandals – Mr. Price (South Africa)

Bag – Gangnam Express Bus Terminal

Sunnies – Some shop in Myeongdong

Scarf – Gift from Qatar (thanks Nu-ha)


Location: Mudaeruk Restaurant, Hapjeong (Seoul)

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