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K-Beauty Concealers

K-Beauty Concealers that cover all bases? Here are my picks!

The corrector


This Skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream is definitely worth the try! It’s peachy undertone brightens up the under eye area which on my horrid dark circles, acts as a corrector rather than a concealer since it does not cover much. But it’s a perfect base for layering under your actual concealer if you suffer from serious dark circles. And if you’re from the lucky ones, then this is even better for you as you wouldn’t need to top it up with anything else. For dry skin girls, this is a dream. It’s light yet moisturising and its creamy feel does not crease or sit in fine lines.   It’s super cheap and lasts forever. Definitely a K-Beauty favourite!

The full cover concealer


Probably the most hyped concealer in Korea, The Saem’s cover perfection tip concealer has my vote, but only recently. For a while I found this concealer #1. too dark (which never ever happens in Korea but my own fault) and #2. too dry – it just sat a bit heavy under the eye and was clearly visible. Not the look I’m going for people. But thanks to the summer’s heat melting my face and a tan I guess, I’m finally singing its praise. This concealer is perfect for long summer days. It has full coverage as the name would suggest and literally does cover my dark circles, not to mention it lasts longer on my face than any other concealer that I’ve tried. I swear this concealer (mixed with a little bit of sweat) is worth the hype.

The all-purpose concealer


The only concealer I haven’t  read a review on before purchasing was this Aritaum full cover stick concealer. It is one of the easiest no-fuss make-up products that I own and here’s why: the slim roll up packaging I find more hygienic than ordinary doe foot applicators which seem to always leave concealer around the rim of the packaging which stains everything orange. Because nothing slips out from the packaging, I’m more likely to throw it in my bag and drag it along with me wherever I go. It’s easily blendable which I love since I’m not wearing foundation in the heat, so a bit of this in the centre of my face evens out my complexion and looks super natural. My only gripe with this product is that it doesn’t cover my dark circles. I’ve got the shade #02 natural beige which suits my skin but it’s too light to hide my under eye circles. And because this is k-beauty, there is no darker shade, which is a pity, since it is my favourite K-Beauty concealer. I wear it every day and have repurchased it a few times.

But that’s it for my K-Beauty review and product favourites. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive email notifications of my new posts. Comment below if you’re K-beauty obsessed!




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