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Cafe I do: Hapjeong

I do

They do

You do

We all do

Look for great hangouts which satisfy that sweet caffeine craving when even just the scent of roasted beans will sooth our senses as we walk into these coffeehouses that delight us in that bitter sip from the very first drip. I sure do drink more than my fair share of coffee and Seoul has no shortage of coffee shops to put it lightly, but there’s just something about this spot, there’s something interesting about this shop, maybe it’s the urban feel of the interiors that reflect the neighbourhood, that industrialised modern feel that the space is still being built up just like its surroundings, or the red accent of colour that mesmerise the eye or quite simply, the bloody brilliant coffee that temps a second cup. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be here

At Cafe I do.

Because they do great coffee

20170721_182533 20170721_184234 20170721_190932 20170721_191035 20170721_182618

Cafe I do is located in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul. It’s about a 5 minute walk from Hapjeong station(exit 5 or 6) on the brown line. Definitely worth the visit!


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