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We, humanity

What the actual f**k America

That was my initial reaction to the heart wrenching torture that I’m sure a lot of us felt as we watched in utter disbelief, with mouths wide open gasping for air, trying to cling on to our own rationality in the moments we stood witness to the day democracy failed us. Please do forgive the profanity uttered out in silent rage at the mass of people who voted for a public figure who in his pride, showed no morality, who has made remarks so unfathomably filthy against women, against Muslims, against Mexicans, to name but a few minorities, that the vote in his favour appeared, as Van Jones put it,”a white lashing”. I heard on the news the voice of an American woman who felt embarrassed by the outcome as she feared how the rest of the world would view the result and how that represents her country and its people. And her fear was justified. I too would feel the same way. If I were to be cynical, I would say not to worry young lady for the world hadst thought Americans were stupid even before the elections. But this post, believe it or not, is not about spitting trash at an extremely influential nation and its presidency. I think if anything, the vote has made me, and countless others reflect the failure of democracy itself. Hey China calm down! I wasn’t praising you but I don’t suppose you are allowed to read this anyway. But this not a far right slap in the face. It is much deeper than systems of governance, though fears of a republican house screams of George Bush flashbacks and the atrocities we once forgot plagued us. This election has proven to me, more than anything else, that the human race, that we, humanity, are utterly unfit to not just run as leaders, but immensely incapable of electing them as well. And now, in a system of false hopes and an illusion of what it means to be a free people, we are forced to accept the new president elect, as the most powerful man in the world. And then we have to look our children in the eye and say, this is the right thing to do because this is a democracy. This decision, which is made by countless others as well, in the same form of democratic utopias is the effect of a failed system and how we as human beings have been devalued and starved of moral truths in this eccentric display of egotism where both the presidential candidate and the electorate believe they have the power, the right, the know-how to do what they believe to be most suited to their own needs. It is an extreme form of selfishness that we only consider our own ‘kind’ as the growth in identity politics continues to exclude and segregate nations, which makes a large portion of humanity feel they are scathingly unworthy of a decent life. It’s time we take a hard look at ourselves and the system which we fought so hard for. A system in which the most influential of nations chose freely to be represented by a man who spews out hatred to the masses. And this is our own doing, because we have consistently showed support for our ways of governing, regardless of the cracks in our system that has lead us here. The Americans will not bear the brunt alone, for they are not at fault alone. It is all of us who have actively participated in elections where we ourselves had cast a vote for an indecent and immoral candidate to lead our countries. Gone are the days of our Kings; Gone are the days of our Mandelas. We have failed in putting great leaders forth and have conceded to a system where your only choice is to pick your poison, and my have we chosen a fatal one.

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