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Let’s pretend today was a good day, pretend I had fun today, pretend I wasn’t stuck up to my neck in pain today, that I wasn’t crippled by the ripple effect of panic striking my back today. Let’s pretend I smiled today, pretend I laughed some form of clothing off today, pretend I wasn’t hiding my fear today, or that I didn’t have knots pinning me down this way.

Let’s pretend this day was that day! And this way was that! And your way was mine and our way was ours.

Let’s pretend we had hope today, and that I didn’t fail you or hurt you in any way. Let’s pretend I knew my purpose today, and that purpose was done for the day, and that you looked at me with content today.

Let’s pretend I was good today, and that I helped you out in a way, that I made you smile today, made you laugh your hat off, or your socks off in some weird way.

Let’s pretend I gave you strength today, lifted your confidence for a day, told you something new, told you something about me today. Let’s pretend this whole rant wasn’t so shit today, and that my complaints fade out and away. Let’s pretend you forget this today, or worse, that you remember just how I felt today.

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