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Lunch Anyone?

Sink your teeth into delicious meals at Deerpark Cafe in Cape Town! If you haven’t been there yet my dear Capetonians then this is definitely a place to try out. I know I’m a bit late on the bandwagon here but every time someone says the term Deer Park my mind automatically envisions some sort of nature reserve with wild animals roaming the grounds. The cafe is located in Deer Park, Vredehoek, duh! but there are no actual deers here (nor are there any figurative ones) but you will find a few cats and dogs sniffing about. The location is perfect for sunny days and just enjoying good food and fresh air. It is also, quite picturesquely situated at the bottom of Table Mountain.

DSCN4119DSCN4126As you can see, the park caters for play dates, pets and hilarious moments of parents running around chasing over-excited kids. And to all you animal lovers and dog owners, this restaurant is pet friendly. The park itself is clean and safe, and it’s also quite a large area for kids of any age to enjoy themselves. So whether you’re walking your dogs or having play time with your kids, I can’t think of a better place right now. OK, I’m being biased, I just love the food!

DSCN4110I thought this was quite a good range of meals considering this was only the lunch menu, with set menus for breakfast and mains. The cafe also boasts a wonderful range of kids’ meals and an appetizing selection of desserts. But it’s the food that left my mouth watering for days thereafter. With  a variety of options to indulge in (a few of them vegetarian too!), I’m a sucker for a burger and chips so that’s what I had. Don’t worry folks, this was a veggie burger and might I say, one of the best I’ve had. It was deliciously filling and just writing this post has made me craving the entire menu! I am by no means a healthy eater but I do appreciate good food. And this is darn good food!

Veg burger with caramelized onion, avo and wedges.
Fishcakes with tartare sauce, salad and wedges.
Potato and Leek soup

This has easily become one of my favourite restaurants and I will most certainly be going back there really soon. It has such a cooling atmosphere, during the week that is. I imagine the park to be quite full on weekends. It does appear as though it’s a family restaurant but you could easily have business meetings here or even tutoring sessions. And obviously, it’s a relaxing environment to get some writing done. The Deerpark Cafe ticks all the boxes for me. I’m also in favour of any restaurant that offers an array of vegetarian meals! So that’s it, you’re welcome! But seriously though, I have to stop writing out of fear of salivating onto my laptop. This was too good!

Yummy Goodness!
Yummy Goodness!

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Cape Town or South Africa? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Dear Gameema. Thank you for your great review of Deer Park Cafe. So pleased you really get what we are trying to do, and have been doing for a while. Please introduce yourself to Carin, Anel or Ashton when next you are here. We would love to meet you. Also great pictures you took. Perhaps we can trade you good food for some good pics!?


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