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Grow your Bangs!

Having hair that won’t grow is a frustrating process which literally feels like The Never Ending Story. I swear that movie never ended and we all just stopped watching it at some point. Whether you had a terrible haircut or you’ve got damaged hair prone to breakage, here’s a semi-quick fix for you. The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment is targeted for “hair that never grows past a certain length”. When I first saw this at Clicks my immediate reaction was, that’s my hair! I’ve used this mask on and off for a few years now and here’s what I think. DSCN4053I wouldn’t say my hair has grown past that length, but I do find this mask particularly good for target hair growth. I was one to flat iron my hair religiously without using a heat protectant. My hair started breaking off in chunks and I was basically heading towards a rat’s tail look. So I applied this product to the parts of my hair which were a lot shorter than the rest and guess what… it grew! Yep, the broken chunks had grown out. No more punk rocker look! If you’re suffering from breakage then this mask can help you out. So if you’re constantly straightening your hair, especially the front bits, you’ll notice them losing length as the dry ends start to break off. Cutting your hair is an essential component to hair growth. I hardly ever cut my hair when I’m in a growing my hair phase but knowing that I was using a mask to aid hair growth, I was no longer afraid of cutting off the ends, which in turn helped my hair grow faster. 016This treatment works best when applied from root to tip. I massage the product into my scalp hoping it would stimulate the follicle at the root and then run that down the hair strands to the ends. The key to this treatment, as with all other hair growth tips & tricks is to be patient. If you plan on using this mask on your entire mane then you might see a subtle difference after one tub. But if you’re using this mask for target hair growth i.e. bangs, baby hairs, broken chunks, then it’s easier to see your hair grow and you’ll probably buy the whole range. The shampoo I’d repurchase, the conditioner I can’t care for but this mask is a favourite. I usually wait until it’s on a 3 for 2 offer at Clicks and then just buy in bulk. DSCF2802I recently repurchased 3 tubs to grow out my bangs which I had cut spontaneously in a PMS fit of rage. I then regretted it once my hormones were back in balance. I’m not even half way through the second tub and my bangs have already grown out. Now I use it all over my mane to maintain healthy hair growth. It leaves my hair feeling soft and also adds a healthy shine to it. I always revert to this mask and miss it when I run out.

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