Travel Essentials

Let me just start by saying this – I’m an over packer! There’s nothing that irritates me more than being unprepared. I absolutely dread that feeling you get when you decide not to take something because you thought you wouldn’t need it and then it turned out that you did need it. Hoarder Alert! You … More Travel Essentials

Teach Abroad #2 – Surviving Korea’s Last Minute Culture

If you’re someone who’s well organised, a perfectionist or German then working in South Korea might just be the thing which drives you off the edge. The Korean working environment is no doubt a professional work place but their last minute culture will turn you into a flexible teacher in no time. Your class schedules … More Teach Abroad #2 – Surviving Korea’s Last Minute Culture

Grow your Bangs!

Having hair that won’t grow is a frustrating process which literally feels like The Never Ending Story. I swear that movie never ended and we all just stopped watching it at some point. Whether you had a terrible haircut or you’ve got damaged hair prone to breakage, here’s a semi-quick fix for you. The Lee … More Grow your Bangs!